Advanced Security Contractors, Inc. is proud to offer DIR contract DIR-SDD-2207. This contract allows qualifying customers to streamline the purchasing process for Access Control and CCTV solutions. Qualifying customers include state and local government, public education, and other public entities in Texas as well as outside the state. DIR allows ASC to provide integrated security, identity, and CCTV solutions through the Hirsch Identive Access Control and DVTEL Video Management System (VMS) products. ASC is able to implement and maintain these solutions in a timely, quality orientated, professional manner.

Hirsch Identive Access Control

Through the DIR contract, ASC offers Hirsch Identive integrated security and identity systems. Hirsch Identive's award-winning solutions bring together access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, digital certificates, smart cards and biometrics. Organizations use Hirsch Identive solutions to successfully secure their facilities, digital assets and electronic transactions.
From a ScramblePad© intelligent keypad and controller for one door, to an enterprise class system connecting hundreds of doors for thousands of global users, Hirsch Identive is the preferred choice for organizations desiring high security, reliability, and investment protection.

DVTEL – Video Management Solutions

Also through the DIR, ASC offers DVTEL Video Management Solutions. DVTEL plays a crucial role in the surveillance and protection of premises, people and infrastructure around the world. Open and ONVIF compliant, DVTEL delivers integrated solutions, end-to-end (from the camera to the control room) or can offer you the option of selecting products.

DVTEL’s features include:

  • Uncompromising broadcast-quality HD video cameras/edge devices
  • Scalable solutions for sites of all sizes – entry-level to enterprise
  • ioImage Video Analytics and tracking for perimeter security
  • Open systems with high-level integration capabilities
  • Reliability, redundancy and failover for peace of mind
  • Product lifetime warranty
  • Unparalleled service and support
  • Global presence


Sales: Mike Robinson
PHONE: 915-845-0272
Contract Questions: Virginia Robinson
PHONE: 915-845-0272
Parts and labor warranty is provided within a design by ASC, for software, components and materials provided and installed by ASC. Warranty will begin upon either customer acceptance or substantial completion. Warranty term for a project will be three hundred sixty five (365) days. In situations during the ASC warranty period where ASC provides diagnostic and/or repair services for system hardware provided by others, ASC will invoice the Customer for time and materials at the rates applicable at the time of service. ASC will not warranty product that has been abused, misused, or improperly maintained, repaired, and/or modified during such period, and such defect has not been caused by ordinary wear and tear, and such defect is not a result of voltage surges/brownouts, lightning, water damage/flooding, fire, explosion, earthquakes, tornadoes, acts of aggression/war/god, or similar phenomena.

Return Policy: 30 days with prior vendor approval.

Price and Ordering Information

DIR Discounts are as follows:


     Customer Discount % off MSRP
DVTel CCTV         19.50%
Hirsch         28.00%
Hirsch Match Card Interface Reader         38.68%
Hirsch Surface Mount Box         39.42%
DIGI*TRAC Line Module 3        37.58%


Technical Services        20%
Installation        20%
Training        20%

The following link will provide you with our Price list:

DVTel Video Management Solutions
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Hirsch Identive Systems
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